Friday, May 20, 2011

NYON Live Shots

NYON is a Mexican band who plays a pretty much brand new genre called "New Pop", which basically is Pop very well done and not necessarily cheesy and bad like perhaps we've been used to. NYON is four guys: Oscar (Lead Singer), Isaac (Guitar), Rodrigo (Guitar) and Juns (Drums), they're all very talented and they sure know how to rock it when it comes to New Pop.

With a lot of attitude but, at the same time, very chilled and cool NYON played a gig at the very important venue "Pasagüero" in Downtown Mexico City last week. This is only the beginning for this band, so watch out for them as they might surprise you with a little something called 'Talent'!

If you wanna know more about them, listen to their music and/or contact them, you can visit their Facebook
page and follow them on Twitter @NYONMX.

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