Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gay Pride Parade, Mexico City

Last Saturday June 25th, Mexico City´s 33th Gay Pride Parade took place. The monument to the Angel de la Independencia was the departure point for thousands of Gays, Lesbians, Transsexuals, Drag-queens and such, the place of arrival, the main square in Town: The Zócalo.

All these people marched year after year showing everyone how proud they are to be what they are and also, to raise awareness of the importance of being a tolerant, comprehensive and supportive as a society. A lot of non homosexual people also march along to show their support and let the rest of the people know the world can be a much better place of we all respect each other and each others' preferences.

Many people was also protesting against Hate Crime committed towards homosexuals as they are tired of being the target of such just because they have different preferences.

As weird as it may sound to a lot of you, there's still a lot of people -not only in Mexico, but all over the world- very narrow minded and with a very retrograde vision of how things are supposed to be and they're absolutely against everything that's different from what they know and from what they call "normal"; it is kind of sad, yes, but we all can contribute to change this by spreading the word that we're all equal individuals with different ideas, races, religions, nationalities and sexual preferences and we all have the same rights as obligations as World Citizens.

Here, some photographs from the Parade and the people in it showing pride, showing themselves.

For more photographs and, particularly Portraits of the Parade, go to:

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U blow my mind every single time! with every single image that you capture!! You are one the most consistent photographer's i have met!1 cant wait for you to keep shooting and post more photographs!!!!j'adore mi amor!