Friday, May 04, 2012

Fresh Market Fruit

The lighting for this shoot (as for most of my shoots) was natural. I put the fruit near the a window as it was sunny outside; the results of doing so are usually quite beautiful as you can see, particularly in the strawberries, where you can see the light bouncing on them and reflecting such pretty brightness.

The only prop used here was the bowl, in which Gisela put the fruit after buying it fresh from the Market. We are actually quite lucky here in Mexico as we don't need to have Farmer's Markets (like in the US) or weekly Street Markets (like in Paris) to acquire fresh products, as the Mercados here run 7 days week year around -except maybe for the holidays, but otherwise, you have access to a market any day you like.

Coming soon, not only the post with the Fruit Tart made with this wonderful fruit but also, a trip to a Mexican Market with photos included, of course! Make sure you come back for that as I'm sure you will find it interesting.


yelly said...

Your strawberry looks different than mine

Diana Verdin said...

How does yours look? Is mine prettier? lol

yelly said...

I think mine are more bumpy, haha