Thursday, January 17, 2013

Italy in 21 Black & White Shots

Today, I am feeling a bit nostalgic and nothing better to go with it than Black & White photographs, so I leave you with some shots from different things and places around Italy.

Cycling in Lucca

House in Tuscany

San Michele in Foro Church, Lucca

Evening walk in Lucca

Piazza San Marco, Venice

Gondolas, Venice

Grand Canal, Venice

Perfect evening, Venice

Gondola ride, Venice

Bridge at the Grand Canal Venice

Narrow street, Venice

Colosseum, Rome

Typical day in Rome

Traian Forum and Trajan's Market, Rome

Walk on the bridge, Rome

Old building, Rome

Testacchio Neighbourhood, Rome

Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City

Buildings, Rome

Into the Colosseum, Rome

Bycicle, Florence

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