Friday, December 17, 2010

La Musique á Paris

As you may know, music is a very important part of my life and being close to it -in any kind of way- has always inspired me. I believe I have a pretty wide taste in music, I love everything from Indy/Alternative Rock to the good old Classical music, going through Classic Rock, Opera, Jazz and so many more genres in between. So, when during my last trip to Paris I had the chance to be so close to music, it being a very "musical" city, I was absolutely delighted.

When in Paris, you hear (particularly, live) music everywhere; on the streets, on the metro, at the Opera and, I am lucky enough to have friends who, on top on being amazing people, are talented enough to play music! I truly appreciate them sharing their talent with me. And well, while my ears were being delighted by the wonderful music, I couldn't let my eyes be left out (of course), so I did some shots so that whenever I take a look at them, I will be able to hear that music and relive that experience all over again--ah, the magic of the human brain!

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