Saturday, December 04, 2010

Serie: Street Art (Paris)

Street Art has got to be one of the most ancient jobs in the world and, perhaps, one of the most unappreciated ones as well. This type of work requires not only a lot of effort and consistency but also a lot of talent -though sometimes some street artists aren't really talented-, as people wouldn't just stop by and waste their time watching a pointless, boring show. I've always found Street Artists interesting somehow, maybe it's the fact that they seem kind of hard to figure out as they always seem to be hiding behind the smile they have to put on everyday while pleasing their audience...I don't know.

Some Street Artists get help from some props, others from weird/fabulous/interesting outfits, some from animals and some others just from their raw talent or good music; this last one was the case of this Street Artist in Paris, he was playing great music while working and even though he wasn't that talented (to be honest), that got the attention of lots of people.

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