Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Layout

So, this is the third year I am Blogging about my Photography over here. I have to admit, at the beginning, I didn't really blog much; perhaps for a lack of time, enthusiasm about blogging, mere laziness or I simply did not shoot enough.

Now I think I've got rid of all of that, I not always have the time, but I certainly try to make it, I am totally enthusiastic about blogging, and I am not so lazy anymore when it comes to Photography and even though I may not shoot as much as I'd like to, I sure try to keep my shutter being pushed for as many times as possible.

Something I really like about this Blog is that you can actually see the progress (I'd hope) on my Photography skills and the experience I've gained over time, I mean, I am not perfect yet, but I do believe I've improved -or so I'd like to think.

If you wanna see what I'm talking about, you can start over here and keep reading/browsing though photographs until you get to the present day, then you'll hopefully see what I mean.

On top of the 3-year-Anniversary of this Blog (which was exactly last January 5th), it is also a brand new year, oh yes, 2012 is already here, so we definitely needed a new design. It didn't really change much as I tried to keep it simple, but I sure hope you like it.

Now, based on the new header, you can assume I will still post about my Photography work, but it also means now I have narrowed it a bit to Travel and Food Photography, which are two things I truly love. The Travel has been a passion of mine for quite a bit now and the Food, well, my sister is a Chef and she is really passionate about food, so I guess it turned out to be contagious.

I believe food is an important part of a culture and, sometimes, a culture can actually be defined by their food. So here you will find Photographs of Food, Travel and the occasional Portrait, but most of all, you will find photographs of cultures, my own and as many as me and my lens encounter along the way.

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