Thursday, January 19, 2012

Korean Food, Chapter I

Korean Food aka K-Food has become more and more popular everytime in Mexico City and it is not only good but also very inexpensive and quite exotic. As a chef/cook, if you like to experiment, Korean Food is a good way to do so. 

There is a place in the City known as Korea Town, where you can find lots of Korean restaurants as well as a few stores with Korean products, where you can buy all the necessary things to cook a perfect Korean meal.

The other day, my sister Gichef made some Doenjang Jjigae (soy bean paste stew) as well as some Crunchy Tteok (rice cake) for dessert. She decided to make a side of rice to make it more traditional and accompany the whole thing with a bit of Kimchi. All of these, rounded up with a glass of Soju.

This is the final result of a couple of hours cooking some Korean food:





 For the complete recipe, go to: The Julie-Julia-Gisela Project

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