Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whole Grain Pizza

As many of you know, the Chef at the house is my sister Gisela, well, a few days back I went to the supermarket and she asked me to bring some flour, she even gave me a specific brand! Which I brought...except I didn't realize I was actually buying WHEAT flour! lol She didn't realize it either up until she was about to bake hehe. However, she decided to make the best out of it and not to waste that wheat flour, what did she make of it? Whole Grain Pizza!!

Shrimp Whole Grain Pizza

We had several different ingredients at home so she made a variety pizza.

Shrimp. Egg. Shrimp (again). Ham.

Ready for the oven!

We used avocado to top the Shrimp Pizza.

Hot from the oven.

And, ready to eat!

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