Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Cupcakes

This year, my sister has been baking a lot as we are spending most of our time home and well, you gotta kill the boredom somehow, right? One of the things she has baked more often are cupcakes, with many different recipes, hence, many, many variants of them in both, flavor and looks.

For this season, she decided to bake some cupcakes for her friends as Christmas presents; needless to say, they were quite popular, and delicious of course, but also, very pretty looking. This time, chocolate was the cake flavor for all of them and, as for the frosting goes, for some of them, she tried some simple icing; some butter and some chocolate. For some others, she tried with some fondant, which was cool because she was able to add some writing and little drawings in some of them in order to personalize them and make them an even nicer present.


One of the coolest things about cupcakes, is that you can get a thousand combinations to play around with the cake flavor and the frosting/icing/topping, so you can get many original variations for each special occasion or just for fun.





In the end, all of the effort was worth it and the cupcakes ended up looking (and tasting!) amazing! If you wanna get some cupcakes, Gichef is up for catering for your party, special occasion, or simple guiltless gluttony, so feel free to contact her! And if you actually bake your own and want to get some Professional Photographs of them, contact me!


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