Wednesday, December 28, 2011

French Macarons: Attempt 1

Once you have tried French Macarons (the Parisian ones, the real deal) is kind of hard not to be obsessed about them, especially if you're into French Patisserie. My personal favorites, although probably not as worldly famous as the Pierre Hermé ones, are the ones from Huré, which slogan is "Createur de Plaisir"...and OMG, aren't they real pleasure creators! But well, we're only focusing on Macarons today.

So, me and my sister are totally obsessed about them, so much we decided to try to make our own coz, you know, you cannot be traveling to Paris everytime you feel like having macarons!

We  went through a ton of recipes and watched many, many videos, after which, we almost felt like it was too easy to make them...wrong! It seems way easier than it really is, however, for our first attempt, I don't think it was THAT bad...I mean, it could have been worse.

Here is the visual documentation of our attempt. I don't put up the recipe here because you can easily find it online or you can always go to Gichef's Blog to find it.

Stay tuned for our future attempts which, hopefully, will turn out (almost) like the real deal!

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