Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Le Marche au Paris

While in Paris, one of the most wonderful things to do is to go shopping, of course, although this time, I am talking about a different kind of shopping, I'm talking about shopping at the local street markets more commonly known as Les Marches.

The feeling of shopping at a Marche can't compare to the feeling of shopping at the super market -which is pretty much non-existent. Parisian Marches is what people in the US know as "Farmer's Markets". Not only you're buying fresh products but you're getting really good quality which, usually, come with a good price as well. Let's say if you were a Chef or had a restaurant, this would be the place to buy the good stuff.

Just like a super market, at a Marche you can find everything you need going from fresh fruits and vegetables, to meat, chicken and fish, including some really good cheese, wine, spices, flowers and whatnot.

Marches in Paris are normally set up one or two days a week and there are a couple in each neighborhood, so you can be sure to catch yours once or twice a week and get supplies for the whole week.

On Sundays (or weekends) a good option to buy is roast chicken, as it quite fresh and tasty, so not the same and baking it in the oven yourself -I totally recommend it!

Not only will you get a good shopping done, but you can also enjoy the nice and unique things of a French Market, such as live music right in the middle of it -always nice to put you in a good mood while getting the "super" done.

One of the most interesting things you can find there, is a wide variety of spices and seeds and stuff like that. Very handy if you like to mix it up in the kitchen!

And well, my absolute favorite part about all this is, of course, the cheese! OMG, the variety and prices you can get for some really good, fresh, tasty cheese! J'adore! You can get cheese to make many different dishes, to go with some other or simply to enjoy it after a meal with some wine and a baguette, just like any Parisian would. Oh, and you can also find some nice wines for a very good deal, so watch out for it and be ready to spend some money and spend it good!

Photos taken at: Marche Reunión, Paris,

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